Baseline Lighting Design Studio was founded in Hong Kong to provide lighting design services for architects, interior designers, property developers and retailers. We craft ideas, create designs and then transform them into real-life solutions with a successful blend of creativity and pragmatism. For us, it is essential to closely collaborate hand-in-hand with architects, designers and creative teams.

Our ambition
To create unique and emotional lighting atmospheres that spotlight your brand, your estates, and your products, all while being sustainable and easy to manage.

Our work
is wide-ranging in terms of type and scale, lighting consultancy, lighting design, lighting simulation, animation, control engineering, luminaire design, and project management.


Our Services

Lighting Design & Consultancy

Baseline Lighting Design Studio develops lighting concepts in accordance to your brief and brand’s identity - respectful of your deadlines and requirements in terms of quality and budget. We also specialize in innovative, intelligent and artful solutions which will improve your customers’ experience. Baseline provides high-resolution rendered images and animations which function as common media for clients, architects, consultants and interior designers. We also comply with specialist lighting documents such as lux level, calculations and color renderings.

Lighting Project Management

Lighting Project Management

From suppliers’ identification to focusing, one of our main objectives is to create superb lighting atmospheres by offering tailor-made lighting project management. Each and every incremental step of your project is tediously controlled including tender, procurement and production control, site management, testing and controlling. This is key in achieving a state-of-the-art lighting project integration because ultimately, lighting ambiance is a major factor in engaging customers’ experiences.

Control System Design & Integration

Control System Design & Integration

As with other upcoming customer experience trends, professional lighting has become increasingly technical and digital. However, such a wide range of lighting options can be daunting or misleading since there are so many factors to consider.

That’s why at Baseline Lighting Design Studio, we believe in bringing on board dedicated lighting designers and engineers who will not only understand the essence of your brand but also skillfully and effectively highlight this in your space. This especially important as our professionals also understand the delicate effects different types of lighting have on human moods and behavior.

The Values That Guide Us



Passion drives us to strive for excellence.


We foster a culture of trust & integrity with our clients.

Team Spirit

We believe we are better together.


We explore, take risks, fail, try again and improve.


We aim for new learnings every single day.

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